About Us  

Compressor Point (CP) is an Engineering Trading Company in the field of Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning. Initially we started with the Refrigeration & Air conditioning parts and supplies under the firm “Excelsior Engineering Enterprise” in the year 1982. To augment our growth, we then added Kirloskar (Now Copeland) Brand Compressors into our business in 1988 under the name “Compressor Point”. In order to meet the increasing the demands of the customers we extended our portfolio with various refrigeration auxiliary products like Copper Tubes, Refrigeration controls, Refrigerant Gases, Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers, Expansion Valves, Axial Fans, Accumulators, Oil Separators, valves etc in our basket in the subsequent years.

Gaining and harnessing the knowledge of the refrigeration at an early stage of the business, backed with Engineering Qualification, have helped us to come a long way.  Today we are proud to be the leading Distributors of Refrigeration & Air conditioning Equipments, parts and supplies - A single point contact providing large selection base to our customers.

Quality expertise and service, with customer-centric approach have helped us to enhance the Refrigeration sector by offering best products to all our customers. “Our vision is to understand the requirements of customers and to fulfill them by providing best solution for their systems.”

Premium Quality Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Brands:

At Compressor Point, we take great pride in being associated ourselves with Major Brands. Commencing with Kirloskar/Emerson Make Copeland Brand Compressors”, we later associated ourselves with SRF Limited” for Refrigerant Gases and Alfa Laval India Limited” for their Heat exchanger products. Alliance with the best in the business has created a great value for our business.  We are thankful for the opportunity to bridge the gap between our Principles and our Customers.

Pioneers of our Company are very well experienced with an Engineering background and have been working in the HVACR industry for many years. They have a vast knowledge of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, and they understand the requirements of the customers.

Emerson ALFA LAVAL SRF Sub Zero