Alfa Laval brand stands for technical expertise, reliable products, efficient service and the finest process engineering skills. The products and solutions are used to heat, cool, separate and transport products in industries that produce foods and beverages, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, starch, sugar and biofuels. Corporate Mission: “To optimize the performance of our customers' processes, time and time again.”

Alfa Laval – Products


Brazed Heat Exchangers

Brazed plate heat exchangers are widely used in refrigeration plants. They are normally used to transfer heat from the refrigerant – the primary fluid – and from water or brine as the secondary fluid.

Units in the Alfa Laval series of copper-brazed heat exchangers are mainly used as:

  • Evaporators for dry expansion and cooling water
  • Condensers for rejecting or recovering heat to water
  • De-superheaters for partial heat recovery to water
  • Economizers for cooling liquid refrigerant and super-heating vapour refrigerant.
  • Sub-coolers to cool liquid refrigerants using well water
Technical Brochure: AC30 series | AC70 series | AC230 series | BHE Product Catalogue

Alfa Laval BHE Model Capacity

Water inlet temperature: 12 °C
Water outlet temperature: 7 °C
Condensing temperature: 45 °C
Evaporating temperature: 2 °C
Refrigerant: R22

Brazed Heat Exchangers
Brazed Heat Exchangers

S No. Model No Max capacity KW Max TR
1 CB30-14H 4.9 1.4
2 CB30-20H 7.4 2.1
3 AC30EQ-14H 4.9 1.4
4 AC30EQ- 20H 7.4 2.1
5 AC30EQ-30H 10.8 3.1
6 AC30EQ-54H 19.4 5.5
7 AC70X-20M 14 4.0
8 AC70X-30M 21.8 6.2
9 AC70X-40M 28.7 8.2
10 AC70X -50M 36.3 10.3
11 AC70X-60M 42 11.9
12 AC230EQ-40H 42.5 12.1
13 AC230EQ-50H 56.5 16.1
14 AC230EQ-60H 70.5 20.0
15 AC230EQ-70H 86.5 24.6
16 AC230EQ-90H 115 32.7
17 AC230EQ-100H 130 37.0
18 AC230EQ-120H 159 45.2


AlfaNova Heat Exchangers

AlfaNova Heat Exchangers
AlfaNova Heat Exchangers

From the extreme heat in our furnaces comes AlfaNova, the world’s first 100% stainless steel plate heat exchanger. The secret is AlfaFusion, a unique bonding technology patented by AlfaLaval, resulting in the world’s first fusion bonded plate heat exchanger. AlfaFusion has stunned specialists in the brazing field.

Technical Brochure:
AN14 | AN27 | AN52 | AN76 | AlfaNova brochure






Shell & Tube Water Cooled Condensers

Shell & Tube Water Cooled Condensers

AlfaLaval's shell-and-tube portfolio includes a wide range of condensers and desuperheaters providing individual solutions for conditioning, refrigeration and cooling applications. Standard models fulfill condensation capacities ranging from 3 to 1680 kW. The condenser series has been carefully optimized for the most commonly-used HFC refrigerants to ensure  reduced condensation approaches resulting in high performance of the cooling system. CPS, CFC and CRS models are optimized for R22. CDEW models have been designed for R407C, but   can also be used with R134a, R404A and R507. CDEW-E models are dedicated to applications using R134a for high-efficiency systems.

Technical Brochure: Shell and tube WCC

Capacity Range

S No. Model No TR rating
1 CPS 35 5.0
2 CPS 45 7.5
3 CPS 60 9.0
4 CPS 80 12.5
5 CPS 100 15.0
6 CPS 120 20.0
7 CPS 145 22.5
8 CPS 160 25.0
9 CPS 180 30.0



Shell & Tube Evaporators (DryPlus Series)

Shell & Tube Evaporators (DryPlus Series)

Dryplus shell-and-tube evaporators are designed for air conditioning, refrigeration and industrial process cooling/heating systems. They can be used with all HCFC and HFC refrigerants at operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 90°C. 

Dryplus-3 evaporators are widely used as air-conditioning coolers, refrigeration brine coolers and process cooling evaporators, as well as being ideal for use in heat pump applications. These robust, reliable units are suitable for use with all HCFC and HFC refrigerants, and are currently available in 25 sizes, with one, two, three or four refrigerant circuits and cooling capacities of 18–1500 kW. Dryplus-E units are specially designed to meet high Coefficient of Performance(COP) requirements in large industrial, commercial and HVAC installations – such as where year-round cooling is needed. They are optimized for high-efficiency duties using R134a as  refrigerant, making it possible to comply with stringent environmental standards

Technical Brochure: Dryplus Evaporator

Water inlet temperature: 12 °C
Water outlet temperature: 7 °C
Condensing temperature: 45 °C
Evaporating temperature: 2 °C
Refrigerant: R407C

S No. Model No TR rating
1 DXS18 5.0
2 DXS28 7.5
3 DXS 35 10.0
4 DXS 47 13.0
5 DXS 56 16.0
6 DXS 65 18.5
7 DXS 80 22.0
8 DXS 95 26.0
9 DXS 120 34.0



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